Windscribe Extension For Firefox (Explained With Best Use Case Scenarios)

Windscribe Firefox extension is not your typical VPN extension. It’s also not your run-of-the-mill free VPN extension. It’s a little bit of both. It’s actually an extension that works similarly to how Opera VPN works, except the Windscribe extension, is for the Firefox browser.

Windscribe provides data limits per month for free, including some server connection limitations. Windscribe free account can only connect to servers in 10 locations while the premium version comes with unlimited server connections.

Firefox users have been enjoying multiple extensions for encrypting their web traffic, but they all seem to be lacking something. Firefox does not have built-in VPN support, and most users don’t want to use third-party browser extensions like these because of the amount of spammy ads and tracking involved with them.

Windscribe extension focuses on protecting your web browsing activity from ISPs, hackers, and trackers. This way, you can enjoy maximum privacy while surfing the internet or streaming content on the internet.

Windscribe extension is available for Mozilla Firefox (and Chromium-based browsers like Opera) only. So if you use another browser like Chrome, Brave, etc then please try out the Opera VPN extension for Chrome.

Windscribe extension can be used as a basic ad-blocker as well as a web threat protection provider, but if you are looking for a more comprehensive solution then please check out our list of best ad-blockers and anti-malware extensions.

Please note that the Windscribe browser extension cannot be installed on Firefox for Android and Firefox Focus by default. However, they do offer a workaround for this and they say that the workaround should work with other browsers as well.

We now recommend using VPNhub (from the same company) service over Windscribe extension as it is faster, has better performance and they don’t

Does Windscribe work with Firefox?

Windscribe Firefox extension for Firefox is not your average VPN extension. It is also not your average free VPN extension. Windscribe Firefox for Firefox is an amazing & unique VPN service with powerful privacy features which get even better with their top-of-the-line native app.

As a general guide, the Windscribe extension works with Firefox. While you can safely use Windscribe with Firefox, they do not support extensions as Chrome does. Nonetheless, the Windscribe extension for firefox works as it is developed with a custom OpenVPN client, built specifically for Firefox users to ensure maximum security.

Windscribe browser extension provides the following features to Firefox users:

Free VPN Account

Firefox browser users can also enjoy 10GB of free data every month by logging in using their Windscribe account. More data is available through referrals, but this should still be plenty for most casual browsing sessions. Ad Blocking & Tracker Protection.

The Windscribe Firefox extension provides Ad Blocking and tracking protection.

This means that when the browser extension is enabled, ads are removed from web pages. Furthermore, when you visit websites with trackers (again, this will be most websites), the Windscribe browser extension detects them and blocks connections to their servers (meaning it protects your privacy).

Windscribe Firefox Extension Advantages

1. The free account provides 10GB of data per month, which should be more than enough for normal users who just want to access blocked content. Furthermore, the Windscribe browser extension blocks ads and malicious websites without slowing down page load times or compromising your security/privacy.

2. For paid users, it is available at a cost of $49 per year and provides unlimited data. The following features are unlocked:

  • Unlimited bandwidth on all servers
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Access to any server you want without restrictions (torrenting allowed)
  • Standard VPN protocols plus OpenConnect for fast performance on slow networks
  • Detailed connection statistics such as server ping time in milliseconds, connection speeds and total bandwidth used
  • Custom OpenVPN configs
  • Prioritized support
  • Anonymous sign-up without needing a email address
  • A powerful firewall-based ad blocker
  • Tracker blocking/WebRTC protection (in Firefox) to prevent websites from tracking you even when you enable the VPN.

Windscribe even has a built-in ‘Windflix’ feature, which allows you to bypass geoblocking on popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer.

They also have browser extensions for Chrome & Opera available with similar features to the Firefox extension.

You can access Torrenting servers from the Windscribe browser extension. However, you will have to manually add them via the add server function.

Limitations of Windscribe Browser Extension

The free account has a restriction on bandwidth usage and the number of countries available for selection. The maximum data transfer allowed is 10GB/month with no servers in the list. Moreover, only 5 countries are available to choose from.

In order to circumvent these limitations, users have to upgrade their accounts. The full version can be purchased for $49/year which allows unlimited bandwidth and the ability to access any of the servers in all 50+ locations.

The paid users also enjoy high-grade encryption without having slow page load speeds. The free version does not provide access to encryption protocols or obfuscation methods.

Windscribe review of their browser extension shows that multiple proxies are available for the users depending on where they want to be connected. While P2P servers are listed, it is essential to mention that torrenting is not allowed by the company in free accounts.

If you want to go for the free account, then you will be limited to 10GB of data transfer and 5 countries. The paid users enjoy these interruptions in addition to high-speed servers and robust encryption protocols with no slowdowns at all.

Windscribe browser extension is free but is very limited when it comes to its features and data transfer allowances.

How To Add a Windscribe VPN Extension To Firefox?

Adding a Windscribe VPN extension to your firefox browsers is easy as launching your firefox browser, at the top corner of your window, you will see a cogwheel that you can click and choose protect me to reveal the list of available VPN extensions available.

Inside the extension list, select the Windscribe VPN to activate features that allow you to fully customize ad blockers that will block ads, malware domains, social networks, and much more. You can also select your preferred server, and change settings like connect on startup and many more.

The paid version unlocks the feature to connect to any country (even torrenting servers) and offers unlimited bandwidth with no speed caps at all.


Windscribe VPN is best for small businesses that require a flexible IT solution with remote access capabilities. It is also suitable for privacy-conscious people who want to avoid online surveillance.

Windscribe can unblock streaming sites and will help you access content that might not be available in your location. All in all, this VPN has awesome security and privacy features, and it’s a worthy contender among the best free VPNs out there.

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