Are zip files dangerous?

dangerous ZIP file

Because most people now use zip files to share large information, this has raised a great deal of concern in terms of the safety of these zip files. A common question that people ask today is are zip files dangerous?

As a general guide, zip files are not dangerous but, the content within it. Generally, files with strange file extension like .exe, .com, or .RAR might be dangerous, do not open them. However, not all emails with zip attachments are dangerous some are legit.

How to Download Files from the Internet in a Safe and Secure Manner?

Always download zip files from websites you trust, and you must never download zip files that you get as email attachments if you are not 100% sure are secure. These are the two most important tips for downloading zip files while remaining safe from viruses.

Downloading zip files that include executable files, which have a .exe extension at the end of the filename, is the most harmful thing you can do to your computer.

Clicking on one of them may launch an application of some sort, and as a result, may represent a danger to your computer. Obtain the URL of a reliable website that has downloaded files. Websites often provide a Download button or link that, when clicked, begins the download of material.

When downloading zip files, it’s important to make sure that your computer is well protected from any viruses or malware that may infect it. preventing viruses from infecting your computer in the first place using antivirus software is the most effective method of dealing with them.

Regularly upgrading your OS as well as ensuring that you keep the settings in your web browser updated. Furthermore, you should assess your device using a security tool to determine whether or not it is susceptible.

How to tell if a website is reliable?

There are many tests you may do to evaluate the website if you are trying to download a website just to be sure that the website is safe.

When you have discovered a website that allows you to download zip files, there are some steps you may take to determine whether or not the website is reliable for example:

  • Keep an eye out for the green padlock.
  • Check out third-party evaluations of the site.
  • Ensure that you are using a reputable antivirus or browser plugin

However, the green padlock is not an assurance that the website is secure. SSL certificates are inexpensive, and attackers may easily get them to fool people into believing their site is legitimate. If you hover your mouse over the green padlock, you will be able to see who granted the certification and for whose site it was granted.

Is it against the law to download ZIP files?

As a general guide, it’s completely legal to download zip files. In any other country, file sharing is not prohibited but, sharing copyrighted information with others on the other hand, is deemed as a violation of the law

Are zip files to be trusted?

Generally, zip files are considered to be safe. For a virus to infect your computer, you must first download the ZIP or RAR files, subsequently, decompress the infected application, and thereafter launch it.

For further protection, you may submit files to Free Online Virus, Malware, as well as URL Analyzer before executing them to see whether they are contaminated with a malware infection.


Zip files are typically considered to be safe and non-hazardous. It is the contents of these zip files that are a source of concern. Consequently, it is critical to understand the source of your zip files.

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